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Finding a Record / Applying Filter Conditions
Video Presentation - length 4:30 minutes
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Commercial Complete offers powerful methods to locate any record in the real estate database and to filter the real estate database to display only those records that meet specific criteria.

A record can be located, based upon the contents of any field. For example, the record can be found, based upon a partial street address, the property name, the buyer, seller, sale date, etc. Most of the more than 250 fields in the real estate database are searchable, including descriptive fields like Notes and Property Description.

Filter Conditions can be set that will limit the displayed records to those that meet specified conditions. For example, the Filter Conditions can be set to display only warehouses with a Sale Price between $1,000,000 and $2,000,000. Filter Conditions can be set for almost any of the more than 250 fields. These include Sale Price, Sale Date, Property Type, Price per Square Foot, Assessed Value, City, Local Area, Zipcode, etc.

This video takes you step by step through these methods.
If you are too busy to consider changing your method of creating your appraisals now, you NEED Commercial Complete now. Please watch the video and think about it.

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Commercial Complete Complete is the COMPLETE software solution for real estate professionals. Integrated into this software is a sophisticated real estate income analysis tool, a powerful real estate database, and a word processing component to assist in the preparation of narrative appraisal reports. This software will save time for commercial appraisers, real estate brokers and real estate agents and it will enhance the quality of their work product.

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